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Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

This article focusses on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-general definition, definition from a programmer’s perspective, state in EVM and more. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is a technical topic and before reading it please go through these articles to understand what is Ethereum, Ethereum Client and Accounts and Ethereum Transactions. EVM-Definition The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) can … Continue reading “Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)”

Blocks in Ethereum Blockchain

Prerequisites and Introduction Before you learn about Ethereum blocks, please go through Ethereum basics, Ethereum Accounts and Ethereum Transactions. This article will solely focus on Blocks in Ethereum Blockchain- definition, attributes (what all comprises a Block) and concepts like Block time. You will get to see a real typical block in Ethereum. You can check … Continue reading “Blocks in Ethereum Blockchain”

Ethereum Transactions

Prerequisites Before you read about Ethereum Transactions, please read about accounts in Ethereum here. Introduction This article will focus on Ethereum transactions. We will read about Ethereum transactions-definition, types, attributes and lifecycle. Ethereum Transactions-Definition An Ethereum transaction is an instruction from an account or more specifically an Externally Owned Ethereum (EOA) account to the Ethereum … Continue reading “Ethereum Transactions”

Ethereum Clients and Accounts

In this article we will focus on Ethereum Clients and Accounts. We will read about what are they and their types. While Ethereum clients help you to connect to the Ethereum blockchain, accounts are the data objects that are created in the Ethereum blockchain to store your Ether and Smart Contracts. Ethereum Clients An Ethereum … Continue reading “Ethereum Clients and Accounts”

Decentralized Applications (Dapps) on Blockchains: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction This article will focus on Decentralized Applications-definition, difference with traditional mobile and web applications, blockchain platforms used for their development, advantages and their disadvantages. Decentralized Applications (Dapps) :Definition Traditional Web and Mobile Applications: As you might be knowing, a traditional web application has a front end (which the user interacts with) and a back … Continue reading “Decentralized Applications (Dapps) on Blockchains: A Comprehensive Guide”

Ethereum-A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction This article is all about Ethereum. Ethereum-A Comprehensive Guide will cover what Ethereum is, how is it different to Bitcoin, its native currency Ether, Ethereum wallets and Decentralized Applications (Dapps). We need to understand these concepts before getting our hands on to Smart Contracts development which will follow this article in my blog. Ethereum … Continue reading “Ethereum-A Comprehensive Guide”

Smart Contracts- A Complete Guide

Introduction This article is a complete guide to Smart Contracts-definition, use cases, benefits, platforms used for creating Smart Contracts, security of Smart Contracts and measures to be taken to make Smart Contracts more secure. Besides, you can also check this article to understand Smart Contracts from a beginner’s perspective. We will first learn a bit … Continue reading “Smart Contracts- A Complete Guide”

Python Functions

Introduction This article will focus on Python Functions. We will learn Python function-defining a function, calling a function, parameters and arguments, returning values in functions and Recursion. Few quick words: I will suggest you to download the latest version of Python which will help you to practice coding python programs. In case you do not have … Continue reading “Python Functions”

Python 9-Data Structures in Python-Sets

Introduction In this article we will introduce one more built-in Data Structure in Python-Sets. Previously we read about other built-in Data Structures in Python-Tuples, Lists and Dictionaries. We will learn about Data Structure in Python-Sets, functions used, iterations and operators. Lets start with the definition. Few quick words: I will suggest you to download the latest … Continue reading “Python 9-Data Structures in Python-Sets”

Python 8-Data Structures in Python-Dictionaries

Data Structures in Python-Introduction In the previous section of Mastering Python for Blockchain series, we read about the Data Structures in Python-Lists. This article will focus on the Data Structures in Python-Dictionaries. We will learn about creating a simple dictionary, functions used on dictionaries, iterations in dictionaries.  If you have not read the previous articles of Mastering Python for … Continue reading “Python 8-Data Structures in Python-Dictionaries”


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